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Our History

Diplomat Protection Group® has been operational around the Mediterranean coastline, jet-set resorts and Cities since 1997. Our HQ is strategically positioned to focus on serving clientele in the Northern regions of Spain & the Balearic Islands... and it's not uncommon to be supporting clientele along the French Riviera.


As a team with British leadership - naturally we travel to London with clientele from Mallorca.


DPG was founded by a group of former Government, Intelligence & Military assets who served together on joint operations here in Spain. Together with hand-picked team members from various Special Forces (SF) units and Tactical Response officers - Diplomat Protection Group TEAMS represents the top 1% in the Private Security Industry.


We are a 'result-focused' team of professional Bodyguards - protecting clients living, working or travelling in challenging environments... Mallorca is an Island with complex crime issues, and it's reassuring for our clients that we have the experience to identify them & react with a carefully-measured response.

We adopt a 'Tier-1' approach - identifying & recruiting high-risk security operatives from credible backgrounds - and teach them how to recalibrate their skills to unique environments like Barcelona. By constantly monitoring the calibre of our team members, we have been able to maintain an impressive track record for 25 years.

Our most senior founding member served in the UK's Special Forces (SAS) for 17 years. During this time his responsibilities included training security operators for specific roles including Royalty Protection, Advanced VIP Bodyguard, War-Zone Security Escorts, Covert Security for overseas Intelligence Operatives, and other maximum-risk protection environments. As the most experienced member of D.P.G, he oversees our training standards and team selection that represents the level of protection & variety of services that we are capable of providing.

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